Current Specialities


Insalata Caprese a la Quincy’s


A traditional Italian favourite with a twist, this structured salad combines assorted lettuce, fresh basil, tomato, sliced mozzarella and pesto-verde. The Quincy’s slant comes in the form of smoked chicken slices and tangy anchovy fillets.

Creamy Roquefort and Garlic Snails


This delicious dish combines some of the best flavours on the planet, is browned under the salamander and served with chunky brown bread soldiers that let you mop up every tasty morsel.

Soup of the Day


We have Cream of Mushroom, Butternut and Tomato & Bacon soups available. All homemade. All delicious.


Natal Style Mutton Curry – Bone in                                R99.00

Dark Natal curry made with shanks so that there is marrow in the mix! Served with yellow rice or basmati rice or savoury rice or any starch of your choice and sambals and chutney.

Kingklip Fillet Supreme                                     R145.00

250g of boneless Kingklip fillet, grilled and served on a bed of stir-fried vegetables and topped with a coconut creamy Thai-Red-Curry sauce and shelled and grilled prawn tails.

Quincy’s Famous Carpetbagger


200g of tender beef fillet, stuffed with smoked mussels, wrapped in bacon and grilled to your preference, topped with our slightly spicy Marengo sauce and piled with 100g of shelled, grilled prawn tails and four Suldanha Bay mussels in the half-shell.


Chocolate Mousse


Absolutely spectacular! A decadent mousse home-made with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate and cream, with just a hint of coffee to round out all that chocolate excess. Served with a topping of whipped vanilla cream and a maraschino cherry!


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