Birthday Special

If you’re turning 18 or older you should think about bringing your birthday dinner to Quincy’s. Here are the reasons why:

First reason: You get your main course at a major discount, as long as you have six or more people at your table and they each eat at least one main course item. This means you could have any meal on our menu and get it discounted to the value of the average of all the other main courses at your table, whilst all your guests would pay normal prices! Reservations are essential of course, and you should also make mention of the fact that you will be using our ‘Birthday Special’

Second reason: The Quincy’s staff and management will not all gather round your table and attempt to embarrass you with sparklers, balloons, alarming singing and mediocre photographs of your happy occasion; instead, we will encourage your mates and or family to do so! You are welcome to bring a special cake if you have one and we will deliver it to your table at an appropriate time with all the things necessary to serve it.

The Quincy’s ‘Birthday Special’  is available every night of the week but cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer. That is to say, you can have your birthday special on any of our discount evenings with pleasure, but it will preclude you and anyone else at your table from getting the additional benefit of ladies or mens night discounts and/or any other discount vouchers, tickets or tokens.